Translucent Concrete

Concrete is among the most versatile and rapidly evolving construction materials. Highly specialized structural applications are common; but in recent years more and more fascinating non-structural uses have come into the industry.

One such product is translucent concrete. If you ever wished your walls or ceilings could be see-through, here you go… The material works by batching parallel strands of optical fiber into the concrete.

The fibers are oriented perpendicular to the surfaces and vary in diameter from about 2 μm to 2 mm. The size and density of the fibers controls the amount of light transmitted. Even color can be seen through the concrete.

Panels and blocks are pre-cast into the desired shape and size, CIP construction is not yet possible. Constituents are fine sand and cement only, no coarse aggregate or reinforcing and strengths up to 10,000 psi are possible.

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